Website redesign planning

Website Redesign Strategy #1: Project Planning

A good website redesign strategy is required to take advantage of the latest technology and trends. Redesigning your website is not without risk.  All to often, the website makeover results in a dramatic downturn in search engine rankings! Don’t underestimate the value of the existing indexed pages… or the benefits of current organic SERPs. The […]

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Redesign Requires Care

Website redesigns are an inevitable requirement as technologies and customer expectations advance into the future. What worked 10 years ago appears outdated today. However, successful redesigns require more than a simplistic “Out with the old and in with the new” approach!  Improvde your professional image – re-engineer your website to reflect the quality of your […]

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Business Websites

Design of a website for local search, global marketing or business to business products and services needs more than pretty graphics! Website SEO, Social Media optimisation & integration and Mobile web design access are key ingredients in success business website design success.. Business Website SEO Business website SEO strategies should be designed to fulfill both […]

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Social Media

Social Media is now an important metric in Google’s search relevancy ranking algorithm. For some businesses,  FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn can make a measurable improvment to the flow of business prospects and leads. These Social Media networks are now valid search engine optimisation (SEO) tools and should be part of any website redesign. FaceBook can […]

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Website Design & SEO

Website design and search engine optimisation are separate disciplines, but few businesses survive without good Google rankings. Our core business is SEO, and we are one of very few web designers with a comprehensive understanding of the issues, elements and best practices in website design and SEO. In tertiary educational institutions, website design is usually […]

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