Content Management

Writing good website content

How to Write Quality Website Content

Content is King! Now that we have that out of the way, I will set about explaining what I think content means, why its so important, and how to ensure your website content bears the stamp of royalty… You may feel free to disagree, contest, or add to the definition.

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Web Page Copywriting

When seeking inspiration for writing web page content, there are several things a writer should bear in mind; People search for different reasons – for background information on a topic, or to select and purchase a product, or book a service.

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Search Engine Friendly URLs

Search-Engine-Friendly URLs can make a significant difference to a website’s positioning in the SERPs. This is not achieved by a plugin. In fact, its a core WordPress mechanism for controlling the URL’s on every page. By default, the URL’s are garbage: e.g. What you want is an explicit, keyword-rich URL! A search engine friendly […]

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