Web Redesign Planning

Website redesign planning

Website Redesign Strategy #1: Project Planning

A good website redesign strategy is required to take advantage of the latest technology and trends. Redesigning your website is not without risk.  All to often, the website makeover results in a dramatic downturn in search engine rankings! Don’t underestimate the value of the existing indexed pages… or the benefits of current organic SERPs. The […]

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Website content creation

Redesign #2: What is Good Website Content?

Good website content and site architecture can make or break a website’s potential to attain prominence in the SERPs (search engine results pages). There is often no one single item at issue; usually its a combination of elements that add together to present impediments to proper search engine indexing or cataloging. Inappropriate implementation of Flash […]

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Off-page redesign issues -Domain Names

Redesign #3: Off-Page Content Elements

Web redesign #3 takes a looks at off-page content elements; title, meta-tags, linking strategies, Domain naming conventions etc. Aside from the Title which appears in the top left corner of the browser outline bar, these are elements hidden from normal view. They are regarded as important elements by search engines, and can be viewed on any page […]

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How to Rebuild a WordPress Web Site

Performing a redesign on a WordPress content management system website usually requires replacing the design theme. It may also include revising page file names, category structures etc. This is best done on a test site, as doing it on a live site is risky…

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How To Redesign a Website

This “How to Redesign a Website” guide looks at a number of aspects relevant to both the process and the desired outcomes; Most website owners think about redesign as a purely visual issue – making it “look better” to improve their online credibility Some consider improving functionality, updating, improving and/or expanding content Few evaluate current […]

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