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How to build 301 Redirect lists

How to Build 301 Redirect Lists

When you are redesigning a website, its quite common to need to change page file names. That presents a potential (but easily avoided) problem from the search engines perspective. Not providing a site-wide 301 Redirect pathway from all old page names to all new page names means your entire old site will be de-indexed. That’s […]

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Weebly migration to WordPress

Converting Weebly to WordPress – Migration

For those who find themselves constrained by the more rigid Weebly environment, converting  to a flexible content management system such as WordPress can solve many issues. Weebly is not a bad choice per se, as it seems robust and very easy to use. What it seems to lacks (at present) is the huge designer and […]

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How To Redesign a Website

This “How to Redesign a Website” guide looks at a number of aspects relevant to both the process and the desired outcomes; Most website owners think about redesign as a purely visual issue – making it “look better” to improve their online credibility Some consider improving functionality, updating, improving and/or expanding content Few evaluate current […]

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Who is the Owner of my Website’s Domain?

If my web designer also hosts my site, what happens to my site if that designer goes out of business? Do I own the domain and the pages? What is the first step to take in this situation? Business Risk Management 101 – make sure that YOU or your company are the domain_registrant. Whoever is […]

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