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Screenshot RideAsia.com

The RideAsia website had been a “work in progress” for quite some time. The owner’s lack of enthusiasm for the …

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Highlandetc.co.nz is an online shop for Highland dancing supplies. Both old and new versions are based on WordPress. The original¬† …

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House Staging Company

Website redesign project for Auckland Home Staging Ltd – old and new versions are WordPress.¬† The issues was that the …

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Car Hire NZ Ltd

This was an old WordPress website whose design dated back some 6 years. The client wanted to get it to smartened up a bit to meet…

Perfectcut Landscapes

The Perfect Cut Landscape site was based in Squarespace, and the owners were unhappy with its performance and the services….

What to do in Wellington


This was a new venture for a UK client who lives in Wellington much of the year. Another turnkey WP website platform, based on the…