How to Improve Website Loading Speed

Table of Contents How to Improve Website Performance?Website Performance BenchmarkingBenchmark Website PerformanceRelated Content:Reduce Website Load Speed with CachingPlugins – Impact on Page Load TimePlugin ProfilerSecurity PluginsHeartbeat ControlImages – Dimensions & File SizesWP Image Size LimitShortpixelWP SmushPerformance Testing ToolsRetina Ready Images:Home Page – Constrain ComplexitySummary How to improve website loading speed became a very important topic […]

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Writing good website content

How to Write Good Website Content

Content is King! Now that we have that out of the way, I will set about explaining what I think content means, why its so important, and how to ensure your website content bears the stamp of royalty… You may feel free to disagree, contest, or add to the definition.

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Website redesign planning

Redesign #1: Project Planning

Table of Contents Website Redesign Project PlanningThreats to Current SERPs RankingsPermanent Page RedirectionRebranding ExercisesThe Re-DesignersRelated Content:Is Google Still Needed?New Website’s SEO NeedsEnsure That Core Files are Present Website redesign is required to take advantage of the latest technology and trends. Redesigning your website is not without risk.  All to often, the website makeover results in […]

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Website content creation

Redesign #2: Good Web Page Content

Table of Contents On-Page Content FactorsPage Headings in H1 / H2 FormatThe 1st ParagraphText Anchors & HyperlinksMain Menu NavigationSearch-Friendly URL AspectsVerbose Image File Names:Related Content:Image Alt Tags Usage:Site Maps – XML & HTMLCustomised 404 Error PagesJavaScript & Flash Best PracticeProvide a robots.txt FileSocial Media Considerations Website architecture can make or break a website’s potential to […]

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Off-page redesign issues -Domain Names

Redesign #3: Off-Page Elements

Table of Contents Web Redesign: Off-Page, Links, Domains<Title> TagDescription & Keyword Meta-Tags IntroRelated Content:Description Meta-TagNegative ConsequencesKeyword Meta-TagLinking StrategiesReciprocal Links NeutralityDomain Naming IssuesCorrect Country Code or Dot.Com?Website HostingWeb Redesign Summary Web redesign #3 takes a looks at off-page content elements; title, meta-tags, linking strategies, Domain naming conventions etc. Aside from the Title which appears in the […]

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301 Redirects

How to 301 Redirect WordPress

Carrying on from the previous article on building 301 Redirection charts via URLLIST.TXT, Excel and .htaccess. This brief outline offers an insight into achieving the same outcome from within WordPress, using the Quick Redirect plugin, combined with the Wordfence…

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How to build 301 Redirect lists

How to Build 301 Redirect Lists

Table of Contents Step 1: List Your Old Website’s PagesStep 2: Add the New Page NamesRelated Content:Step 3: Combining Fields in ExcelApplying the 301 Redirects When you are redesigning a website, its quite common to need to change page file names. That presents a potential (but easily avoided) problem from the search engines perspective. Not […]

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SEO Paradigm Shift – The New Normal

There have been a multitude of changes in the way Google analyses websites in the past year. The major aspect is that Google now applies a range of aggressive penalties against any websites that it considers are in breach of its Webmaster Guidelines.

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Weebly migration to WordPress

Converting Weebly to WordPress – Migration

Table of Contents How to Migrate a Weebly Website to WordPressImport to WordPress via RSSThe Weebly to WordPress Migration Solution?Import Weebly via WP HTTP ImporterInitial ImportRelated Content:File Name ExtensionsRemoval of Surplus Weebly ContentSet The HeirarchySet the Link PathsWP HTML Importer PluginAfter the WordPress HTML Importer Process For those who find themselves constrained by the more […]

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Sitemaps - XML & HTML

Sitemap Tools

Table of Contents Google XML SitemapsHTML SitemapsTable Of ContentsAutomated Hierarchical Sub-MenusRelated Content:Sitemaps & Content Indexing Tools Summary Google Sitemaps for SEO are VERY important to content indexing in the overall scheme of things. Ok, if you’ve got a good text-based CSS menu system and the links to and between pages are easily followed, you’re in […]

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Tomato Adventures

Tomato Adventures is a guided tourism operator based in Costa Rica. Their old HTML site had not been updated for many years and did not present their business in positive light. A WordPress CMS with a mobile-friendly and responsive design and fast page load times has improved all that and more. Related Content:Website CMSMobile Responsive […]

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Underwater Dive Services

Underwater Dive Services is a new website, built for a group of commercial divers in Sydney, Australia. It uses WordPress content management system to showcase their business services. Related Content:Ford DesignWeb Design ServicesWebsite Design Packages

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Sang Tong Huts, Mae Hong Son is a new site built using the popular WordPress content management system. Sang Tong Huts is a long-established, quirky resort on the edge of the provincial town of Mae Hong Son. Related Content:Underwater Dive ServicesMedals ReunitedHanmer Health Centre

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Quepos Fishing Charters

Quepos Fishing

Quepos Fishing was previously a static HTML site, difficult to manage and neither mobile friendly nor responsive. Migration to a WordPress CMS made sense as the client already had experience in using WP on other sites. Related Content:ELA Common Core LessonsSEO Paradigm Shift – The New NormalMobile Responsive Website Design

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Carbon Filtration Solutions

Carbon Filtration Solutions required a fast solution to the “lack of response” issues they were having with their previous website designers. The site had to be extracted from a proprietary system, and loaded onto new hosting account. A WordPress CMS was chosen, and content was migrated and updated along with new images. Related Content:Ecommerce Web […]

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Above The Sea – Mae Sariang

This was a new site build for a brand new boutique guesthouse. Done in WordPress CMS, it uses an image-centric approach to showing the accommodation options. Related Content:ELA Common Core LessonsMobile Responsive Website DesignWebsite Design Packages

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Off-Site SEO: A Natural Link Profile is Crucial

Off-site SEO is about managing your website’s profile across the internet by managing links TO your website from external resources. Anchor Text in back links can be severely penalised if it’s not matched with Brand / Business Name. There was a time that in competitive niche markets it was difficult to rank for a keyword […]

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Bay of Islands Kayaking

  The rebuild of this HTML site involved conversion of all content to WordPress, along with selection and installation of a Design Theme (Midway) that matched the previous colours. We were able to re-use the original, recently designed graphics – logo, and tour adverts etc. On top of the redesign, a great deal of attention […]

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ELA Common Core Lessons

  The site began life on Weebly, and the client’s initial request related to SEO aspects. We discussed options and ended up converting the site to WordPress because; its easier to add new features such as Rotating Ad management, SEO, XML & HTML sitemaps there is a better array of design themes available open […]

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