DrRodneyFord.com website rebuild

Website Rebuild in WordPress CMS

The original website was based on Joomla, and suffered from all the shortcomings of that platform. In order to address those, we implemented Joomla SEF-URLs (search engine friendly URLs) and sundry other improvements, but results were slow to apppear.

Content duplication is a problem on Joomla at the best of times, but in this instance was exacerbated by;

  • multiple versions of many pages
  • text blocks that were used repeatedly on many other pages
  • multiple pages of essentially similar content – privacy, terms, links, about

The decision was made to convert the informational page content and articles to WordPress. That allowed us to eliminate duplication, combine pages with similar content, eliminate pointless items and easily split the site into coherent sections. The transfer and consolidation process resulted in a final tally of 165 pages and articles in the new version of the site, with articles becoming either pages, or posts in appropriate categories.

New hosting was established on another server;

  • Joomla was retained for the eClinic online diagnostic process offered by Dr Ford, but was moved into a sub-directory.
  • WordPress was elevated to primary CMS

Once the new version of the site was completed, DNS records were switched and the site went live in it’s new hosting location.

Since that point trafic has increased steadily;

– up by 50% in the 2 months August to October!

Website SEO traffic improvements

Additional refinements are being introduced, including a Membership system that will deliver 90 Day Email subscriptions with daily emails guiding recipients through food intolerance and allergy alleviation.