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Web design quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis. I will put my best efforts into providing a web design concept appropriate to your business, pricing it accurately and fairly and documenting what we think will work for you.

Website prices are based on a standard consultancy web design rates of NZ$80 / US$50 per hour. I work fast in a rapid development environment, and provide fixed-price website quotes!

Let a professional freelance website designer give you a quote for website design services, be it corporate, CMS or E-commerce! It’s probably cheaper than you thought possible!

I also deliver the best results right where it counts – in the Search Engine Results Pages!

You deserve more than just good design…

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Website Design Objectives

Website design quotes should be based on a business-focused methodology more than graphics. It should be more about creating a functional pathway that facilitates a visitor becoming a client, and less about showcasing graphical talents and creative genius. Unless of course, its a site for photographer or an artist needing a slick multimedia platform that highlights their talents… But even then – not at the expense of functionality!

Regardless of the theme or purpose, there are very important architectural considerations to take into account! For a corporate identity site, or travel & tourism business, there may well be different design and layout requirements. However, in all cases the web design quote must address the following issues;

  • A responsive design for mobile devices and colour scheme that portrays the products and services effectively
  • Navigation and menus that are easy for both visitors and search engines to follow
  • Clearly obvious access to your Products / Services offerings
  • Obvious and unambiguous “Calls To Action” where you tell your visitor what you’d like them to do – buy, telephone you, use a contact form, sign up for a newsletter… Whatever you want them to do must be spelt out clearly.
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) must be obvious – why should people buy from you? Let them know, don’t make them guess!
  • Social Media – the site should incorporate and / or enhance the business’s Social Media profile
  • Credibility Factors – from privacy policy to terms and conditions! Business address details, staff profiles, references / testimonials, case studies, white papers…

These add depth to the website, differentiate you from your competitors, and give the search engine’s more to work with when assessing your value.

SEO Aspects

Website quotes from The SEO Guy will always incorporate a comprehensive outline of the website’s on-site and off-site search engine optimisation requirements. The SEO Guy has been involved in SEO since 1997 – before the concept had a name, and before Google appeared on the www scene.

  • On-Site SEO involves careful analysis of the keywords potential clients would use to find your products or services, and using those primary keywords in a targeted page by page optimisation process.
  • Off-Site SEO involves checking for low-quality links to your website with over-optimised link titles (anchor text) containing exact-match keywords, lack of Branding / Busines name etc. Google penalties for this are severe!
  • Social media marketing can also be used to generate additional exposure for your brand, business, products and services.

By carefully addressing these important SEO aspects, we maximise the chances of achieving these important goals;

  • Generating “qualified traffic” – new visitors who were actively searching for products / services you offer.
  • Maximising your conversion ratios – drawing in more people who will take the actions you’ve defined in your “Call to Action” elements.

Website Design Packages:

Website Audit and/or Quote Requests
Please use the form below to Request a free, no-obligation Quote or a Website Audit…
Please let me know exactly how I can assist…

Our website design services will encompass the whole gamut – a modern Content Management System, with a sleek Web 2.0 redesign look, integration of social media… Contact the NZ web design agency that delivers top results every time.