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Website CMS DesignCMS websites such as the WordPress Content Management System have developed rapidly in terms of functionality, versatility, and adherence to web standards.  There are compelling features to good web content management systems;

A CMS website saves you money in maintenance costs by making it extremely easy for you or your staff to edit on-page content via a user-friendly web browser interface, from anywhere, at any time.

A well-designed and implemented CMS build by a skilled website design agency saves you money if there’s a need for addition of new functionality, due to availability of off-the-shelf “plugin” modules for a wide range of applications.

  • Open source CMS saves you time and money in deployment of the site, due to reduced customised development requirements.
  • CMS software allows multiple people to edit content from a web browser, anywhere – e.g.; at work or at home.
  • WP allows for mobile responsive design on your website

Web Content Management System

I love the WordPress CMS! Whilst it started off life as a blog platform, consecutive version releases over the past decade has greatly expanded it in to a dynamic web content management system, with truly excellent features.

  • Its a ‘lightweight’ CMS in terms of code bloat, producing nice, crisp and cleanly coded pages!
  • It includes strict adherence to CSS, HTML, XHTML web standards!
  • A “simple CMS” – its easy to work with for web designers, developers, site owners
  • This website CMS gives site visitors a positive experience due to structured navigation, good design interfaces, and fast page load times!
  • Its got excellent Search Engine Optimisation functionality, and a good range of plugin SEO modules to ensure control over all off-page elements, including Titles, Descriptions, Keywords and even URL formatting (page file names).
  • RSS feeds are standard, meaning it can be configured for maximum site indexing by Google et al.
  • CMS templates – a huge and growing range of classy templates available to quickly give you a design that matches your business image. Templates are easily customised…


Content management systems were once notoriously deficient in search engine optimisation factors. This has changed slowly, and even today some CMS systems treat SEO as an afterthought rather than as a priority. The important elements that we ought to be able to exercise manual control over are;

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs – outputting keyword-rich page file names
  • Meta-tags – manually controlling page Titles, Descriptions and Keywords
  • Page headings manually controlled, output in H1,H2,H3 HTML codes
  • Navigation / menu titles, preferably independent of the page name / heading
  • Image file names and Alt tags

Being able to achieve all of this gives us a huge boost in being able to accurately describe and categorise a page’s content, in order for a search engine to index an analyse it accurately.

WordPress CMS websites are very capable of attaining top rankings for competitive keyword search phrases in any niche!

CMS in New Zealand

We build a lot of WordPress CMS sites for New Zealand, Aussie, USA,  UK and S.E. Asian clients… Not only that, its our personal choice for our own sites!

This Website Redesign Company website is built on the latest WordPress CMS software platform.

Website CMS Proposal

Let us give you a quote for your CMS website development, or website makeover, based on a WordPress open source content management system…

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