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Ben has been a website designer since 1997 BG (before Google). In recent years, he has specialised in website redesign and SEO services.  He works for clients world-wide, creating / redesigning web sites and optimising them. As The SEO Guy, he has been designing websites and copy-writing web page content for almost two decades…

Team Members

Project Manager, Developer
Web Audit Design ConsultantBen has worked in the Information Technology field since 1987, first as an EDP Officer, then IT Manager. In 1994 he was awarded both national & international awards* for Information Technology project implementations. Since 1997, he’s been involved in SEO consultancy and website design.

(*1994 ITMG Local Government “Innovation Award” and the *1994 AURISA (Australasian Urban & Regional Information Systems Association) “Achievers Award”

I began working in the field of website designs, site development and search engine optimisation back in 1997 – before Google! In that period of time, about the only constant thing has been change!
  • Passions: Large ‘cruiser’ style motorcycles, fly fishing, work…
  • Likes: Latte, Jack Daniels & Coke Zero, morning walks…
  • Dislikes: power cuts, Internet downtime, interruption during rugby matches…

Contractors vs Staff

Web site designers, programmers, developers & contractors

In uncertain economic times, having permanent staff is a high-risk strategy. For the past decade, as part of a Business Risk Management strategy, I’ve utilised the services of professional freelance programmers, designers, and technicians on an “as required” basis. That also keeps client’s costs to a minimum…

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

I’ve always encouraged clients to utilise a professional independent hosting service. Years ago, in response to client requests for full-service hosting,  I established my own Cloud VPS server in a USA data centre. The benefit is instant access to server settings to provide fast response time to customer issues!

For some local (NZ) sites, I personally use and recommend the services provided by my colleague Jon Walker, at Web Wide Hosting. WWH has servers physically located in Auckland New Zealand. WWH provides an excellent level of experience, knowledge and support.


Why the Website Redesign Company?

Our point of difference? We’ve been New Zealand website designers and search optimizers for 2 decades. Since 1994 Ben has worked as a free-lance (self-employed) Information Technology consultant. He has been involved in projects as diverse as Geographic Information Systems project management, computer network implementation and administration, internet designer, intranet web site design & development, copy-writing, graphics, image editing and search engine optimisation.

I currently deliver web site design, development & SEO services to companies in locations as diverse as New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, UK and across S.E. Asia. Services are based on modest hourly rates, with fixed price contracts.

To learn how I can help make your web business grow, request an auditor’s assessment of your site.